The main objective of this riddle is to advance to the next screen. For this you will need an answer for every level.Every level contains hints in the picture, source, title and in the page itself.They will lead you to your answer.When you have your answer, you will type it like this:                   sequel

The extension will remain the same through out the riddle, i.e, htm, unless otherwise stated so.!

Levels with googlebar requires googling.There are no hints between the comments 'ignore this,always' and 'stop ignoring here' written in the sourcecode.Also there r no hints in the part of "google ads" encoding .. That is the action of the hosting site and removing them is not possible.

When it comes to manipulating pictures, i suggest the use of Photoshop.When it comes to downloading compressed file, u should try it with both "Winrar" n "Winzip" if the file doesn't get downloaded easily.For audio files, i suggest Audacity.

In some levels, there are files to be downloaded.None of those are files are harmful and are free.

Keep the links of the previous levels.Because might need them in other levels.

Don't look for spoilers.That is why there are forums to help you when you are stuck.